The foundation theme of JOINT PEOPLE is to " provide an Open-Door medium to jobseekers and job providers to get their desired need " . This makes mutual satisfaction of employee and employer both which plays a meaningful place for the individual and society. Because a great man once said that " The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Do not settle " and we could not agree more as it is very important to love what you do because we don't live to earn money we earn money to live our life with happiness.

Significance of Right Job!

The first thing which strikes in our mind after completing the study is "A Right Job". In a right time, a right job is like a platform that provides a simple and efficient way to pursue your dreams and making a right decision based on your education can go a long way in shaping ones career ultimately and a right job makes it fully complete.In the modern world there are thousands of jobs in different portals. Out of these portals many of them provide a vast category of jobs which sometimes confused the person like a person finding something in a data which are not in sorted way.Also there are some websites which are related to job providing as well as other study related options which sometimes makes the jobseekers to confused that either he will find the job or go for other option, this makes jobseeker deviated from its target which ultimately result in the wrong job choice.

Why we?

At "JOINT PEOPLE " we are trying to solve problems described above. JOINT PEOPLE is like a Candidate to Employer service portal which helps the jobseekers to get the desired job posted by the employers or company simply said a place that "connects job seeker with job provider". A Costless Platform: JOINT PEOPLE provides a costless platform for both Employer and Jobseekers. Employers can easily post jobs to the portal by getting registering them or without registered according to their choice. We have a panel which can authenticate the recruiters, so by this way the fakeness of the recruiter is negligible.


JOINT PEOPLE provides various searching tools that enable its users to sort categorized information about the jobs which ultimately leads in the right decision making of job. In JOINT PEOPLE we provide an option for jobseeker to directly send their resume to the desired person/employer with share their information publicly. Hence by this way we get you free from lots of job suggestions which may confused you from your desired job option. Also employer can directly receive the resumes from jobseekers without giving much more their contact information, this initiation leads to reduce both spam and fake calls. Our aim is to provide or help you get your desired dream job not to confused in different type of jobs, only concentrate your job and to crack them.


A life is meaningless without any cause. Simply, we are incomplete and meaningless without any vision. Our vision is related to you and your future. More precisely our vision is to become of the top India's leading career shaper and job provider portal by providing your desired job which makes your life full of joy while taking Offer Letter. This provides us an endless happiness also and makes one step ahead in the direction of leading job provider portal.